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It’s coming soon…..Promise!


I know, I have been saying we were going to update our website for what seems like forever now. I had been looking into a custom design for the longest time but decided to go with a Themeforest item instead – at least for now. After searching – mainly being so picky about the selection they had – I finally found one that I believe I really like. It is simple, elegant, and to the point. I should be getting it within the next two weeks. Hopefully sooner but we shall see. I will announce it via Second Life group chat/notices and on our Facebook page once it has been uploaded and all that good stuff so be on the look out.

I would like to take the time now to address our policy change for Lifetime Licenses. I have received some pretty unfriendly messages which I may add that I’m quite offended by. A notice to the group and direct to those with licenses were sent out back in October 2014 for the policy to take affect on January 1st, 2015 but we allowed additional time and have not put the policy into effect until now. I’m sorry to those who think the policy is “BS”, etc but we are a business and in order to stay here, we had to charge something and it is by NO MEANS being greedy. We’re talking about no more than $0.45 per week for a lifetime license with 2GB of space, AutoDJ, 1000 listeners, quality streaming service and top notch support. I, honestly, do not think that is asking a lot at all. We change the policy because A: We cannot continue to chase people around to ask them still giving support even when they didn’t renew because we felt it wrong to say no to providing it so we decided it should no longer be optional then it would also wouldn’t be so confusing to people. And B: We’re a business, of course, and like I said previously – in order for a business to continue to stay in business, bills have to be paid.

I’m sorry to those who think that it is being greedy – Think about it…Would you rather us stay in business so you can continue having a quality service or would you like us to close up shop because we cannot continue paying our bills in order to maintain services to you? NO sarcasm at all…it is a genuine question. This is also the reason as to why we had to increase our stream pricing because we had switch to a different datacenter which was more expensive than we were paying but we **HAD**

    to switch because we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t as our last datacenter really screwed people over badly – losing client’s servers and hardware. And for those of you who think that is B.S….Look it up – The datacenter we were through was called – They closed not to long after we switched to our new datacenter. It was quite the disaster with them. It was the BEST decision to switch to a new place because after we left, it went even further downhill!

    That is all I have to say – for now. I hope people see that we never intended to upset any one. But the policy had to be changed, unfortunately. Thank you to EVERYONE who understands and who have stuck by us through thick and thin – without YOU, we would have failed quite a long time ago!

    Thank you
    LustyLexxi Larimore
    Owner of Hostcrate

Please excuse our mess….

We’re reconfiguring our website….with an exciting new add-on of merchandise (as you can see). We’re also be doing a bit of housekeeping with looking for a new design.

In other news, we have transferred all the accounts over to the new datacenter and we’re proud of the accomplishment! A HUGE thank you to our manager, Bcreative Wilde! Without her….I would have personally pulled my hair out ;)

Anyhow, we’re just going to tidy up our site – throw in a contest…or two, and update our merchandise store so feel free to take a look…it is active and orders can be received – we’re just looking for a design that suits it better.

Thank you

Maintenance Notice

On Monday 12/16/2013 at 10AM SLT (PST), we will be doing server maintenance. This incluces upgrades & updates to software on each server. This maintenance should NOT affect your streaming. However, if you have a web hosting account or a custom url in which you use MySQL, please make a backup of your account BEFORE we begin these upgrades as data may be lost when we update the MySQL software. We will post this on our Facebook page & website so please be sure to pass this information along.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

Paying for SL services in US Dollars

If you would like to pay for your services in US Dollars, you can do that. There are a few benefits to paying this way which are listed below.

-You won’t be bothered by the rental box spamming your IM’s and avoid capping messages.
-You will have an actual due date that will be the same each month.
-You will be sent an invoice via email 3 days before your due date. That is the only reminder you’ll recieve unless you opted otherwise.
-The grace period is two days before suspending services and 7 days to pay before termination of service. Excludes the due date itself.
-We will provide a discount to pay for services this way which is 10% and remains at this discounted rate for as long as you continue payment.
-Customers paying in US Dollars will have the option of priority support using our support ticket system (coming soon) and live chat, free.

There are a few things you will need to know which are listed below. Don’t worry – they aren’t bad.

-There is a late fee of 10% of the service will be incurred for failure to remit payment for services 2 days after the due date. There are no exceptions.
-We have a real service agreement that is a bit different than we have in SL that you’ll be agreeing to if you select paying in US Dollars.
-When we get our billing software, everything will be switched over and this will make it easier as you will just log in to pay your invoice(s).
-You must have a verified Paypal account for this option. Also, at any time, we may require you to fill out a Paypal Authorization form but we will inform you if this is necessary. This is strictly to prevent fraud.
-The support and/or space for Lifetime Licenses will be yearly pricing only.

As of December 4, 2013 at current buy rate minus the transaction fees. These numbers will stay locked in until 12/2014 or if there is a significant change in the Linden Exchange rate (whichever comes first). Remember there is a 10% discount that isn’t included in figures below. If you would like to get started paying in US Dollars please contact LustyLexxi Larimore.

Standard Stream 600L = $2.43/Month USD

Standard Stream 800L = $3.24/Month USD

Standard Stream 1000L = $4.05/Month USD

Lifetime License Plan 1 (no space) 7800L = $31.58USD
—Support: $14.56/year USD

Lifetime License Plan 2 (1GB of space)10400L = $42.11USD
—-Space: $10.92/year USD – Support included free as long as you have space on the account

Lifetime License Plan 3 (2GB of space)13000L = $52.64USD
—–Space: $21.32/year USD – Support included free as long as you have space on the account

Clarification: Lifetime/Owned License Additional Features

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the additional features for Lifetime Licenses and Owned Licenses. I will clarify below to the best of my ability, if you still do not understand please feel free to contact me inworld or via email. Please carefully read the following information – yes I know it may be long but it is very important so there is no confusion.

Let us start by breaking down the plans we have for Lifetime Licenses.

There are three plans which are listed below. These are one time fees to own the stream itself for the life of Hostcrate which means you DO NOT have to renew any of the additional options (support and space) if you do not want to.

✪ Lifetime License PLAN 1: L$7800 (no space)
✪ Lifetime License PLAN 2: L$10400 (has 1gb of space)
✪ Lifetime License PLAN 3: L$13000 (has 2 gb of space)

Hostcrate staff members will decline to help you if you do not have any support and/or space on your account. With that said, please do not be rude to staff members because it is by no means their fault that you chose not to renew these features.

Owned Licenses are a bit different. These were discontinued a long time ago. But the same thing will happen if you do not renew, you will lose the additional features which are listed below. Please note that after December 20th, the Owned Licenses will follow the same addition feature structure to prevent further confusion (see why I stated to read this, important information :) )

✪ Additional Addons (until December 21st, 2013):
–Space is L$235/month per 1GB
–Support which includes #1 priority from a dedicated staff member is L$200/month.
–Custom URL is discounted to L$25 month.
–Dedicated IP for your owned license is L$100 month.
–Upgrade to 5999 listeners: L$400/month

If you already have these features, you will continue these until you time expires, whenever that may be then you will be required to follow the Lifetime License additional features structure. Hint: If you continue to renew your features, you do not have to worry about this!

:::::Frequently Asked Questions:::::

What happens if you do not renew for support and/or space?

Great question! Simply put, you will lose the ability to contact any staff members including myself (the owner) for any type of support. Yes, that includes (but not limited to) any issues that may had occurred from our end like a server reboot, maintenance, account issues, etc. This is why it is recommended to keep the support but it is optional just in case because you just never know when you may need help. To better be able to afford the support, we have granted the option to pay weekly if you cannot afford yearly/monthly. If you have space on your account and keep the space then the support is included free for as long as you keep the space on your account. If you do not renew for the space, you will lose the space on your account which means that any files you had on our server will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE (other than the notice the boxes give – please note we have tested the boxes and they do send notices so please do not use that as an excuse because we know better). This also means that you will lose the ability to contact support if you need help. This includes being removed from the support group.

Does my account get removed from the servers if I don’t notify you whether by the “won’t renew” on the box or by direct contact?

As of 2014, the answer is yes. We will remove the account until we receive notice that you are either renewing or not renewing for additional features. If you have clicked “Won’t Renew” on your rental box, you do not have to worry about this happening as you have notified us by doing that. This is not done to upset anyone and you can have your account recreated, of course, by contacting our stream team – it is to discourage people from ignoring their rental boxes and the messages (both direct IM & in local chat) that our bot sends out to remind people. Please respect our policies and do not take out your frustrations on any of our staff or you risk losing your stream permanently per our Terms of Service. If you have an issue with this policy, it is HIGHLY suggested NOT to purchase a lifetime license.

What happens if I want to get these feature back?

No problem! Just contact a senior staff member.

What if I want to upgrade from a standard monthly account?

You can do that if you would like but it is recommended to let your current remaining time expire as when upgrading from a monthly account to a lifetime account, the remaining time does not transfer.

What if I want to upgrade from one lifetime plan to another?

Sure. You can do that and you would pay the difference and any pro-rated amount if necessary. Just contact LustyLexxi Larimore directly to find out.

What happens if I violate your or Linden Lab’s terms of service?

You would risk losing your stream without refund and banned depending upon the violation.

Do you accept any other forms of payment?

Yes, we do. Just contact LustyLexxi Larimore for details.

Why do lifetime licenses/owned license have to pay for additional features?

Well, first, you have to think about how much of an incredible deal you are getting by having the stream itself as yours for the life of Hostcrate! We have been in business since May 2008 and that is a pretty long time with no intentions of going away anytime soon. To be frank, the additional feature payments go toward staying in business.

Will there ever be live and ticket support?

Yes, we’re working on it.

On an Owned License, it says only one avatar. What does this mean?

It means you cannot share, sell, distribute, transfer, and/or etc. Simply put, it is for you and you alone.

What happens if I share my stream without your permission?

You risk losing your stream without refund. We ask that you at least have the courtesy to ask if it is ok. Typically (depending on the reason), the owner will allow it.

I have other questions….can I contact you directly?

Yes, of course. You can send me a notecard, IM, or an email. Just remember my messages in SL do cap so feel free to email me.

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

Lifetime Licenses being discontinued + Other News

We will be discontinuing the sale of Lifetime Licenses on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 11PM SLT. After this date, Lifetime Licenses will be removed from our vendors and affiliate vendors.

If you have a lifetime license (or get one by the above date), nothing will change except that if you do not pay for the support/space (which is optional), you will lose those features within a week after you being due. We will no longer suspend Lifetime Licenses but will remove space from your account WITHOUT notice and we will remove you from the support group as well if you are 7 days past due. If you do not have these features, you will NOT receive support of any kind from staff. There will be no more exceptions as I have been very lenient with those who have not renewed. This will include those who have Owned Licenses.


The post to host option is still in the works so I apologize for the delay on this.

My staff and I have noticed the amount of people getting a good amount of free time from being overdue. This will no longer be allowed, if you do not plan to renew please use the “Won’t Renew” option on your box, otherwise if you are 1 day past due then it will be removed from our servers and you will have to repurchase at the purchasing vendors. DO NOT for any reason use any of the available boxes in the renewal area to renew, this WILL delay getting a stream and NO REFUNDS will be issued as amounts paid will be added to your account.

I have been saying I will be doing a server cleanup for a while and I apologize that I haven’t. I am a super busy woman and sometimes I get caught up in helping people with their streams or with family. Now I will be performing this on Monday. If you are not listed in our docs for accounts, in our vendor system in sales, and/or you do not have a box, you will risk losing your account. If at anytime during this process you cannot access your stream, send me a notecard with your full SL name (no display names), your last transaction of payment, and your stream details notecard. If you do not have any of these, there will be nothing we can do and you will have to re-purchase at our purchasing vendors. If you do not have your transaction, we will start fresh and a box will be setup for you to pay a month. Please understand that Hostcrate is a business and this must be done in order to stay in business. It is by no means fair for anyone (except loyal staff who work hard) to get a free stream.

If you pay in USD, there will be a discount. We do not have a billing system setup as of yet but if you would like to take advantage of this option, here are the details on this option.

Staff members: We will be doing progress reports and if it is found that you are not participating as staff should be, you will be let go. This also means you will no longer be eligible for a free stream and that will be removed.

That is all the news for now.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

Reseller Program

To become a reseller, please contact LustyLexxi Larimore. Don’t hesitate to contact Lusty if you have any questions, comments, or etc. You can also email me too. Thank you.

What is a reseller?
—-A reseller is one who can resell streams under their own brand. You get a significant discount as a reseller as indicated for each plan.

Package 1

-Accounts: 5
-Max Listeners: 1000
-Bit Rate: 192
-Price (monthly): L$2,250
-Discount Included: 25%

-Additional Listeners: Blocks of 5 L$100 per listener (100 X 5)
-Additional Accounts: L$450 per account
-Additional Space: Must upgrade to next package

~Does not include space or AutoDJ, please upgrade for those features.
Package 2

-Max Listeners: 1000
-Bit Rate: 192
-Price (monthly): L$5,200
-Space: 10GB
-AutoDJ Included
-Discount Included: 35%

-Additional Listeners: Blocks of 5 L$50 per listener (50 X 5)
-Additional Accounts & Space: L$520 per account with 1GB of space
Package 3

-Accounts: 15
-Max Listeners: 1000
-Bit Rate: 192
-Price (monthly): L$8,250
-Space: 30GB
-AutoDJ Included
-Discount Included: 45%

-Additional Listeners: Blocks of 5 L$25 per listener (25 X 5)
-Additional Accounts & Space: L$550 per account with 2GB of space

Upgrading: You can upgrade at anytime to the next available package. If you’re on the highest package then please see “Addon” for pricing.

Downgrading: You can downgrade at anytime. However, you will NOT be refunded for any reason.

By purchasing any reseller package, you agree to the following:

*The RESELLER agrees to maintain their billing in good standing at all times. Delinquencies of any kind
will result in suspension from the RESELLER program, and accounts will be subject to the normal rules of
suspension for non-payment (24 hour grace period).

The RESELLER agrees to all terms of the standard Service Agreement for all accounts, as well as the
company Policies set forth by in its Web site, including all future additions or
modifications thereof.

*The RESELLER will be the point of contact for the customer. Only when a RESELLER has exhausted
their own resources in handling a problem should they direct support inquiries to Hostcrate’s support portal by submitting a ticket. No other means will be responded to.

*The RESELLER agrees not to reseller, distribute, or otherwise offer Lifetime Licenses, Owned Licenses or otherwise licenses that are of one an off fee. If caught, the RESELLER acknowledges that their account will be suspended until any/all promotional material is gone, etc. It is at the discrection of to reactivate the account thereafter.

*The RESELLER agrees to fill out the reseller notecard that informs of their business location, business name, company website (if applicable). It is the RESELLER’s responsibility to keep informed of any changes or modifications. If a RESELLER is unable to be found by the information given, the RESELLER’s account will be suspended until updated.

*Any violation of any of the terms or conditions of this contract may result in the immediate termination of the RESELLER’s services with, as well as the permanent discontinuation of the reseller relationship, at the sole discretion of

* reserves the right to change, update, modify, change, or otherwise the reseller agreement without notice to reseller. It is the sole responsibility of the reseller to keep an eye on said agreement via

Deals for September 2013

Deals for September (All other deals posted/listed are expired as of this posting 9/13/2013)

You MUST contact LustyLexxi Larimoreto claim any of the deals! DO NOT PAY ME DIRECTLY FOR ANY REASON – You WILL NOT be refunded and the amount will be put toward your stream account and will not qualify for a promotional deal because you did not pay attention to the rules to claim the deals.

-Pay for a year, get 2 months FREE!

-Pay for a year using Paypal via our site (contact LustyLexxi Larimore) and get 3 months free!

-Pay for 2 years, get 6 months free!

-Pay for 2 years using Paypal via our site (contact LustyLexxi Larimore) and get 1 year FREE!

-Pay 6 months, get 1 month FREE!

-Pay 6 months using Paypal via our site (contact LustyLexxi Larimore), get 3 months FREE!

-Refer 5 friends as of 9/13/2012, you’ll get a free week of service plus the referal L$!

-Get a Lifetime License as of 9/13/2013, pay for another 6 months of support and/or space and get 3 months free! *New customers Only*

-Have a Lifetime License? Pay using Paypal for 6 months of support/space and get 3 months free!

-Get a 1GB OR 2Gb Lifetime License as of 9/13/2013, get a custom url free for a year!

-Get a custom URL plan and get another month free *New Stream only, not for upgrading*

More deals will be posted when they become available. These deals will last until the end of September 2013.

Thank you


Monday, 08 Jul 2013 07:25:11 GMT

The servers have been successfully rebooted. Please do not forget that you MUST log into your control panel for your stream and click START in order to broadcast. Otherwise, you will be unable to connect. Please pass this message along if you see someone who has asked or cannot connect.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore



The Renewal area is close done. We have the TP pad out at the office so you can go find your box if I have set it up for you. Im working as fast as I can to get them all done so bare with me. Do NOT worry if you dont see yours, it will be there within the next 2 to 3 days. Do NOT worry if you are late & you dont have a box yet, we will let everyone know once every box has been setup. You *must* have your group tag on to enter the area when teleporting. The other renewal system has been removed so please dont use that system to renew.

Reason for the new renewal system and area? We decided it would be best to switch before the renewal system we were using was removing people from itself. Customers had expressed that the system was not user friendly having to go through so many steps just to renew their stream. We also decided it would be beneficial to customers to be able to get in on deals without having to send notecards and allow our staff to handle this aspect as well. That is the major reasons. Oh…I must add the fact that when you renew for 4 weeks you will receive a week free. This is to make up for the fact that the system sees a month as only 28 days and I knew I had to make this up considering we offer 31 days so I hope that this makes up for they way this system works.

Any questions or if you need help finding your box, please IM me (LustyLexxi Larimore) or any of my staff members.

Thank you for understanding
–LustyLexxi Larimore